TacFast® Carpet Tile System

TacFast in a modular office space

TacFast® Carpet Tile System

TacFast® carpet tile system simplifies installation and provides for flexibility with a user and environment-friendly product. This system offers consumers
the following capabilities:

Designed to last for multiple changes.
Use the hook tape for repeated changes of the carpet tiles.

Ease of removal.
Remove or replace the carpet tile at any time easily and without cost or mess.

Easy access to the floor.
Access the sub-floor as necessary for maintenance, renovation or to clean the carpet tiles.

Environment- Friendly.
Eliminate using liquid adhesives in installation with the consequent reduction in VOC
(Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions.

Functional flexibility.
Replace heavy traffic areas as required saving on the need to change the entire floor area.

Simplified installation.
Make multiple attempts during installation without compromising the carpet tile.

Products designed with TacFast:


TacFast system explained with a cross section of the floor, tacfast strips and carpet tile

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