Two-n-One Hybrid Logo Grid Mat

vG Frontrunner Commercial Grid Matting System

Two-n-One Hybrid Grid Mat


Our most versatile and customizable scrape-and-clean entry system.

Smart and versatile, vG’s Two-n-One hybrid matting system combines the function of Frontrunner SB – a heel-and-wheel friendly grid entry system – with your choice of durable all-weather walk-off carpet together in a single mat.

The distinctive, seamless look of Frontrunner SB’s serrated grid scrapes and captures dirt and debris, while the walk-off carpet wipes away what’s left, including excess moisture. Easily moved and cleaned, Two-n-One Mat is built to withstand medium to high traffic. Choose from a wide selection of shapes, sizes and colors in single tone or custom logo designs in either edged mat or semi-permanent wall-to-wall

Two-n-One’s nearly limitless versatility with no matwell or installation required – simply unroll and go!

Two-n-One Features:

  • True grid coupled with heavy carpet scraper
  • Heel and wheeled-traffic friendly (including shopping trolleys)
  • Heavy traffic construction
  • Can be made as a loose mat or glued wall-to-wall
  • Truly customizable looks, shapes and sizes




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Two-n-One can be made as a Custom/Logo mat. Click for more.



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