Entrance Defense

Entrance Zones 1 Outside 2 Outside Inside 3 Inside

A well-designed entrance system is vital in providing a safe, clean and attractive entranceway and environment. The best and most cost-effective solution for decreasing maintenance costs is an effective entrance matting system. vG’s Entrance Defense can be a 1, 2, or 3-part system; performance is ranked by the number of zones utilized. A single mat achieves good results, but a three-part entrance matting system achieves superior performance.

Traps Excess Dirt & Debris.

According to TRSA research, more than 80% of dust, dirt, and grime in commercial buildings is tracked from entering foot traffic. This tracked-in soil affects not only the appearance of interiors but also the quality of air.

Vestibule / Airlock:
Scrubs Entering Foot Traffic.

One square yard of commercial carpeting can accumulate a pound of dirt in a week (two pounds in wet weather).

ZONE Three
Removes Moisture or Helps Prevent Slips & Falls.

According to the ISSA, studies show that a pound of dirt is left in the commercial carpet for every 800 people. The cost of removing that pound of dirt can cost upwards of $700 per removal.


We suggest, along with commercial flooring experts, that a minimum of 5 to 6 steps or 18 linear feet from Zone One to Zone Three is required for a zone system to effectively keep dirt out. Using any of our walk-off products will lower your maintenance costs, achieve better air quality and have a safer building by reducing the opportunity for slip-fall accidents. Let vG’s floor-covering experts customize your entranceway.


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